WordPress blogging from the iPad, part 1

I’ve had the iPad for a couple of months but haven’t really been able to use it as a blogging tool. The wordpress app was one of the first that I downloaded but I hadn’t used it much (at all, really) because I couldn’t find a way to make links. But – tada – I have just figured it out. Just in case I’m not the last person to figure it out, I’ll share my findings with you as well as a general review of the ease of blogging with it.

I hadn’t realized that the wordpress app accepts HTML input. Once I did, I thought i could create a link by typing in the good old HREF code. I’ve done a fair bit of coding in raw HTML, but really hoped there was a better solution. There is, but I didn’t find it until I started typing in the HREF tag. A helpful little dialog box opened up asking if I wanted help making a link. Yes, by gosh, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I tapped on “make a link” and yet another little dialog box popped up with fields for me to enter the link text and the URL. After doing that, there appeared a nice little snippet of perfectly formatted HTML for my link.

What I am find lacking is the user interface, which surprises me given the ease of use of the web interface for wordpress. There are a number of features that I needed to look up on the wordpress iPad app website. Adding images also seems less than intuitive. Images can be automagically replaced, but appear only at the end of the post, not anywhere else.

If you are only blogging to a wordpress blog and you generally don’t include images in your blog posts, this is a good app to use. If you do want to add images, this might not meet your needs as your sole blogging tool since you will probably need to touch up your posts in your web browse after the initial writing.

I’ll write up my review of blogpress after I’ve used it for a few days.

PS – WTF? There doesn’t seem to be a post or publish button here. The publishing feature should be obvious, not part of a scavenger hunt.

PPS – The status of the post needs to be changed in the write window. I would never have checked that on my own but found out how by looking at the WP website. Given these problems in the user interface of the app, I would be tempted to use Simplenote or Evernote to write my blog posts then just copy and paste into the web interface. #usabilityfail